This page is for my Tableau visualizations created for my Digital Humanities capstone project.

This capstone project examines the motivations of British members of parliament (MP) for their role in the creation of a welfare state through a textual analysis of the rhetoric used during three specific parliamentary debates: National Health Service, Social Insurance Part 1 and 2, and Employment Policy. This project explores how MPs discussed introducing a welfare state in postwar Britain and their justifications for or arguments against its establishment. In past studies, historians have qualitatively assessed the origins of the welfare state, but there has been little quantitative study of these debates. This project quantitatively examines the rhetoric of MPs during the preliminary welfare debates through categorization and analysis.

Take a look at my Github repository to learn more about the project.

Tableau Visualizations

These visualizations explore the results from a textual analysis of British parliamentary welfare debates from 1944. You can also explore these visualizations on Tableau Public.